Braided Oaks Spirits LLC




Braided Oaks Spirits LLC was founded in April of 2012.  The Company is a successful, family-owned alcohol beverage company, with the proven ability to create, produce, market, distribute, support, and grow profitable domestic spirits brands.


Investment Purpose:


To provide funds for Braided Oaks Spirits LLC, as follows:


  1. Purchase of a 96 acre farm off State Route 17 in the Town of Goshen, New York. 
  2. Erection of a 7,200 sq. foot building to house filtering, bottling and warehousing.
  3. Renovating a 4,200 sq. foot building to serve as the headquarters office for sales and advertising and marketing.
  4. Purchase of all equipment for a small batch-size still and equipment. 
  5. To remodel an existing 15,000 sq foot 200 year old barn into additional offices and a tasting room also serving food.
  6. Launch of Cosa Salvaje™ Vodka in the Spring of 2015, followed by Cosa Salvaje™ Rum and  Cosa Salvaje™ Tequila by years’ end.


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our current projects.